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Attention: Real Estate Professionals. Prepare your Clients with our Home Inspection Services

We offer an array of home-inspection services designed to meet the needs of real estate professionals and their clients.

Attention: Real Estate Professionals. Prepare your clients with our home inspection services.

We partner with Real Estate Agents to Get their Clients the Home Of Their Dreams.

Don’t take a gamble on a property that might not pass inspection. You don’t want to find the perfect home for your client and then have to tell them later that it has serious damage. They will either have to fork up lots of money later to make repairs, and the bank won’t approve the sale. You certainly don’t want your clients to discover that their house has costly problems the day before closing.

Why would you even waste your time trying to sell a home that will cost your client a surprising amount of extra money, or even worse, lose the sale and the client?

At North Starr Inspections, we believe in providing thorough inspections. Our goal is to provide you with a quality report of the property, images and video so you can help your clients make  informed decisions about their future purchase.

No buyer wants to put their money down without knowing what they’re getting. That’s why a home inspection is so important — it will make or break the sale.

Real Estate professionals in Lake Stevens already trust us as their #1 house inspection service provider. They know that we are honest, 3rd party inspectors with construction experience. 

Why Real Estate Professionals need to partner with our home inspectors.

When buying or selling a home, it’s important to know everything about the house. But how do you know if the house is in good condition? Most house buyers and sellers will expect the real estate agent to understand this process. One of the best ways a realtor can help their client is by recommending a house inspection before closing any deal. 

Benefits of providing your client with a home inspection. Make your clients feel more comfortable.

  • You’re providing a service to your clients. 
  • The house inspection process is an important part of buying or selling. 
  • You show that you care about their needs and want to ensure they have all necessary information before making a decision.
  • Clients will be more likely to work with you again. If clients have been through this process before, they may feel more comfortable working with someone who guides them.
  • Have all the information you need for better negotiations.

Other agents in your area will see you as a professional real estate agent. A house inspection is one way for agents to show their clients that they take care of them during each step of buying or selling a home, and that’s why having one is important!

When helping people buy homes, you want to ensure they get what they paid for.

If your client is looking at a house and suddenly there’s a leaky roof or something needs to be fixed before moving in, it makes sense that they’ll wonder if this will happen repeatedly. Or are there other problems lurking beneath the surface? Are there electrical issues? Plumbing issues? Pest issues?

You can help them avoid these problems by ensuring they know what kind of house they’re buying so that they don’t end up with one that has structural or electrical or plumbing or pest problems—or any other kind of problem!

Stand out from the real estate competition!

There are realtors out there that will skip a home inspection just to get the quick sale. That’s all they get out of that deal.


The first step in making yourself stand out from the competitive real estate market is to show your clients that you’re taking their needs seriously. A house inspection is an effective way of doing this because it’s a service that other agents won’t be providing for them but one that will help your clients make better decisions and give them an informed buying or selling experience.


Asking your clients (sellers) questions about their home’s condition and past maintenance is another great way to engage with them on a deeper level than most agents would (or could). This can lead to more meaningful interactions between agent and client and ultimately result in higher satisfaction levels among all parties involved.

Our Inspection Process Helps Snohomish & King County Real Estate Agents sell more properties.

You will have confidence in the purchase.

  • You will easily negotiate with the seller.
  • You will have confidence in the sale.
  • You will be confident about the sale price.

We provide a complete inspection and report, with photos emailed the same day. Fred and Jared have construction experience and completed their own construction projects including installing water heaters, roofs, siding, decks, and more. Fred has almost 20 years of inspection experience. Jared has over a decade of inspection experience.

Please see our list of inspection services

  1. Buyer’s Inspection
  2. Seller’s Inspection
  3. Warranty Inspection
  4. Luxury Homes Inspection
  5. Condo Inspection
  6. Pre-market Inspection
  7. Four-Point Insurance Inspection
  8. Pre-Divorce Inspection

Be the best realtor in the business. Call North Starr Inspections. We are the #1 most preferred housing inspectors in the Lake Stevens area.