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Types of Inspections

Buyer’s Inspection

To ensure that you know the strengths and weaknesses of the property you are interested in buying, we can provide you with an inspection. Our training allows us to identify small and large problem areas that the previous owners may have overlooked and to identify which require immediate attention.

Seller’s Inspection

Sell your home with confidence. We offer a comprehensive inspection that can help you find issues to address before there is an offer on the table. This gives you time to have things fixed, trimmed, and painted before negotiations have begun. Time can be on your side with the information from a seller’s inspection.

Warranty Inspection

New construction usually comes with a one-year warranty. During this period, buyers develop a “punch list” of corrections for the contractor to make under warranty coverage. Some defects won’t be obvious to an untrained eye. We recommend that you let us inspect your new home before you settle on it. Our inspection will alert you to problems that might cost you down the road.

Foreclosure Inspection

If you are interested in buying a foreclosed house, the bank or lender needs to verify the condition of the property and building, regardless of whether it’s residential or commercial. This can be a walk-through consult, full Inspections, or partial inspection with photos.

Luxury Homes

Luxury Home Inspections is our specialty. We take our time to do a complete and thorough inspection including sprinkler system checks when in season.

Each inspection varies per institution. Some want a simple exterior assessment of the property and a few photos. Others will provide access requiring only damage assessment and what repairs may be necessary to make the home “presentable for sale.” 

The vast majority of institutions are looking for a complete inspection, knowing that a complete inspection would most likely be performed for a buyer of the property. In addition, any comments on what areas needed cosmetic repair, such as carpet and paint/wall repair. We can meet your inspection needs. Price depends on inspection request.

Condo Inspection

While this inspection is limited to the interior of your unit, we recommend you get the full inspection as well. This way, you will know the condition of your attic and roof. North Starr Inspections Inc. is your condominium inspector for life!

Pre-Market Inspection

A pre-listing inspection can save you money and time. A professional home inspector makes sure that your home is in good condition before you officially list it for sale. We offer a complete inspection program to sell your home faster.


Pre-Divorce Inspection

This is normally performed so that both parties find the potential problem areas of the home. This can help in the settlement process. For example, if the roof needs to be replaced. We perform a full inspection with digital photos.