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North Starr Home Inspection Winter Special & The Importance of Home Inspections.

North Starr Home Inspection Winter Special & The Importance of Home Inspections.

Winter Sale on home inspections saves money and eases the home buying process. Find out why you should always complete your home inspection.

Let North Starr Inspections be your guide in the home inspection process!

We are North Starr Inspections. We offer meticulous inspections with the highest standards in the industry. Our goal is to provide you with a quality report of your property, images, and video so you can make an informed decision about your future purchase.

First, we thank our dedicated clients, buyers, sellers, and real estate agents for choosing North Starr as your home inspection team in Lake Stevens and areas in and around Snohomish. 

We are passionate about helping people have better, knowledgeable, and stress-free real estate transactions with our technically advanced and “quicker than lightening” home inspection reports. We work for you to create true peace of mind,

In this blog, we want to share with you how dangerous it is to skip a home inspection and how you can lose a large sum of money if you forfeit an inspection. Let us help you understand the serious risks you take when you skip a home inspection.

Why you should never skip a home inspection.

You may hear more and more about people skipping out on home inspections. The reason most people do this is to speed up the sale. However, this is dangerous and mitigates a real estate investment risk. There is no benefit to the buyer or seller to skip a home inspection, and if it is happening, someone is paying majorly for the information they did not receive from a proper home inspection.

Nowhere did skipping a home inspection ever save anyone money. If a house is for sale, there  is enough probability of sustainable damage hiding somewhere.

When the buyer takes the house over, they will eventually find out that an item needs updating or renovations. Those repairs will cost more money than a home inspection, which would have pointed out the failing mechanism before they purchased the home. 

The buyer becomes aware they will need extra money to fix the item, or the seller can fix it before the sale. The repairs are part of the negotiation process and can drastically change the house’s price.

  • Repair costs are significantly higher than inspection costs. We are talking hundreds of dollars vs. thousands of dollars. Real estate purchases are large investments that need protection as much as possible. The largest part of our client’s investment portfolio is their house. Why would you skip out on the most important protection for that investment?


Inspections reveal hidden problems.

When you hire a home inspector, you’re getting an expert who will walk through the property with a fine-tooth comb. They are looking for any problems that could affect your ability to live in the house.

Unfortunately, most homeowners are so excited about their new purchase that they don’t pay attention to the little things and miss major issues until it’s too late. Buying a home is an emotional process; when someone is emotional, they usually make impulsive decisions and knee-jerk reactions.

Hiring an inspector is important because they are 3rd party professionals on neither the buyer nor seller’s side. They’ll find roof leaks, foundation cracks, and water damage that could turn into costly repairs later on down the road if left unchecked now (and you’ll have no way of knowing what you missed).

Even if there aren’t any issues during your inspection—which is unlikely—you still get peace of mind knowing someone trained specifically in home inspection practices examined the home thoroughly.  A home inspection puts everyone on equal footing when negotiating prices and ensures there are no surprises before closing day.

Every year brings more stories about people living in houses with hidden problems. The good news is that by learning from others’ experiences, you can avoid some of the common problems that lead to homebuyer woes. In the new year, look forward to our blog for new and updated information on why you should never skip a home inspection.

An important item that people disregard is the sewer scope.

Your sewer system or septic tank costs thousands of dollars to fix if there is a problem.

That’s why homeowners and potential buyers alike need to know about sewer scopes before investing in a new property. The bottom line is that skipping a sewer or home inspection is risky for sellers and buyers alike! You are taking a great risk by not having a low-cost inspection.

A sewer scope can reveal problems with the pipes. These problems include cracks and leaks, causing backups and sewer overflow which can cause expensive damage to your home’s plumbing system.

What is a sewer scope?

A sewer scope is a video inspection of the sewer line. The scope takes place from either inside the basement or outside. It’s less invasive than digging up your entire pipe, so if you were concerned about disturbing your landscaping or other areas around your home, this would be a less intrusive option to consider.

Septic Tank Risks

Septic tank risk is a serious issue; you should know the facts. A septic tank can be a hidden danger to your home, so it’s important to understand this potential threat before buying or renting any property that relies on one.

For those unfamiliar with septic systems, it’s essentially an underground sewage treatment facility that uses bacteria to break down solid waste before releasing it into the environment via drainage pipes outside your home.

In addition to being environmentally friendly in reducing pollution without discharge into rivers or lakes, these systems are also cost-effective because they use gravity instead of electricity like wastewater treatment plants.

However, some risks are involved when using such systems–and those who ignore these risks risk facing costly repairs down the road! You are looking at prices around $1500-$4500 for septic tank repairs or replacement.

Many other important reasons you do not want to skip your home inspection. We are happy to discuss that in future blogs.

Now that you understand how important it is to get an inspection done, please call us if you have any questions or want to set up an appointment. 

Winter 2022—North Starr Inspections makes home inspections even more affordable!

Attention: New clients and first-time home buyers. 

Now you don’t have to worry about spending too much on home inspections because we’ve dropped our prices for you!

Winter is the perfect time to ensure your property is ready for the new season.