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WelGard Protection Experts

Discover WelGard—a shield for your well system. North Starr Inspections Inc. in Lake Stevens is your trusted partner for unparalleled coverage. Invest in peace of mind, safeguard your most crucial asset, and enjoy benefits like 24/7 response and zero out-of-pocket costs. Your home deserves the best protection—choose Welgard with us.

Get 6 Months Free WelGard® Premium Protection with the purchase of 6 months at a discounted rate of $199. That’s a full year of WelGard coverage for only 55 cents a day!!


Did you know: Your Well is the Most Expensive Home System?

  • Costing more than your Roof, HVAC, and Appliances COMBINED?
  • There are up to 75 parts working to supply your home with water! 
  • Average repair costs in 2022 were nearly $3,000

Why WelGard?

WelGard provides unparalleled coverage for your entire well system. Unlike standard home insurance policies that may only protect specific components such as tanks or pumps, WelGard ensures comprehensive protection. Picture this as a shield for your well-being, offering you peace of mind and shielding you from unexpected bills when issues arise.

Key Features:

Full System Coverage: WelGard safeguards every aspect of your well system. There is no need to worry about partial coverage—your entire investment is protected.

Peace of Mind: Relax, knowing that you’re shielded from potential astronomical bills. WelGard is your defense against future headaches and unexpected costs.

Invest in Protection: Think of WelGard as an investment in the longevity and reliability of your home. By choosing WelGard, you’re making a smart choice to protect one of your most crucial assets.

Welgard Protection Benefits

  • Anything that fails to supply water – Includes drilling new wells!
  • 24/7/365 response when water stops
  • ZERO out-of-pocket costs for repairs
  • One call response equals Peace of Mind every day
  • FREE hotel stay if not fixed on the same day

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Why Choose North Starr Inspections Inc. as your trusted WelGard Consultant?

As trusted Lake Steven’s home inspectors, we’ve partnered with WelGard to bring you this exclusive product. We believe in providing our clients with the best solutions to protect their homes, and WelGard is a testament to that commitment.

At North Starr Inspections Inc., we proudly hold the #1 position in delivering positive customer experiences. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond inspections; it’s about ensuring you receive top-notch service and enjoy peace of mind throughout the process. We prioritize your satisfaction, making us the trusted choice for a seamless and positive customer experience. Choose North Starr, where your peace of mind is our number one priority.

Don’t leave the fate of your well system to chance. Invest in WelGard today and ensure a secure future for your home.

Get 6 Months Free WelGard® Premium Protection with the purchase of 6 months at a discounted rate of $199.

That’s a full year of WelGard coverage for only 55 cents a day!! This will begin with reports submitted on Dec 1, 2023.

Contact us for more details and to get started with WelGard—because your home deserves the best protection.